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October 2015

Binders ~ written by Jeremiah O’Hagan

In the shipyard, these tools are improvisations. They’re “binders,” as in “load binders.” They come with hooks on the ends and are used to tighten down chains when securing cargo or equipment for shipping. Or, maybe you’ve seen them on… Continue Reading →

Week ~ 15 (click on post image to view more images)

Their can be drama in shipbuilding as well as a little awe. These craftswomen and men not only are expert at what they do, it seems they do it in neck breaking speed.

Week ~ 14 (click on post image to view more images)

You can see the steady progress on Module #105 from Posts to week 12 – 13 to this week! The featured image this week is the monster mover, “KAMAG” she’s resting in the shade between gigs. The image of module… Continue Reading →

Week ~ 13 (click on post image to view more images)

You can see that things are evidently moving along. We see structures forming dramatically. You can compare the progress from week 11 from this (13th) week, also the below image is only one day from the featured image at the beginning… Continue Reading →

Week ~ 12 The mind boggles at the spectacle (click on post image to view more images)

This is just a small part of the components for the construction of,  “Americas Finest” in the fabrication shop at this early stage. All pieces and components are numbered and engineered. How they are organized and kept track of and… Continue Reading →

Week ~ 11 (click on post image to view more images)

Featured image this week is module #105 which was actually the first module. If you look at week ~ 9 you can see it before it was moved and before it was flipped upside down to its natural position. This image is where… Continue Reading →

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