Floating Steel

Follow the construction of a Bering Sea Fishing Trawler from start to finsh


December 2015

Week ~ 23 (click on post image to see more images)

We have a universal ships shape and is she a beauty, “Americas Finest” is growing up!       This image (under) is part of the engine compartment.  

Week ~ 22 (click on post image to view more images)

Featured image is module #106 bow forward (north side), being attached to modules 205 & 206. #106 is being set down on fixture to be leveled and permanently attached.

Week ~ 21 (click on post image to view more images)

Featured image is Module #204 which is moved in front of module #205 in it’s correct position fore (bow). You can see, “America’s Finest” taking on her shape. Side view of connected modules. View of inside connected modules as work… Continue Reading →

Shackles ~ written by Jeremiah O’Hagan

Look. This shackle is huge. That’s what it’s called, a shackle. A U-shaped piece of steel with a bolt that screws through the open end. See how big it is? Big enough to dwarf the hands of the men working it…. Continue Reading →

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