Looks like a giant fish out of water!


#1 3.2.16 copyAnd now for something completely different…If you look closely at these, you can see the pieces of metal are actulally two different metals fused together, aluminum and steel. They are to be used to attach the pilot house (made of aluminum) to the hull (steel). Quite fascinating …

#5 3.2.16 copyThe attachments shown are upside down and are to be welded to steel which will then be attached to the steel hull. The aluminum pilot house then will be attached to the aluminum attachments side that are shown facing up. Finally they will be married to the steel hull. These custom (morphed/fused) pieces of metals will produce a stronger, secure and enduring weld.

#8 3.2.16 copyA portion of the aforementioned aluminum pilot house.

#6 3.2.16 copyCustom aluminum mast for the pilothouse being constructed in the fab building (big House).