She, “Americas Finest” looks like she is being built for space travel. A port side view with just added wing tanks.


#6 3.10.16 copy

Stern facing north side with just added wing tanks. The way that steel can be shaped to form such beautiful angles and perform important functions always amazes me.

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These men are lining and squaring up compartment walls on top deck.  If you look closely you get an idea of how they are going about the exacting and precise work. The man on the left is using a tool made for adjusting the angle as he is watching the level on the wall. The guy on the right is using some kind of a metering device to watch the measuring tape attached at the end of the wall.

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Back in the big house (fab shop) the work continues on the aluminum pilot house shown here.

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Here is an actual view of it being constructed. If you go back one week to week #34 which talks about the  aluminum/steel fused fasteners that are shown here – they will be utilized to attach the pilot house to the deck.

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This gives you a visual account of the number of electric tools used for ship construction, this is just a small accounting. How they keep track of what is what is a mystery to me.