Kamag is rolling out the new all-aluminum roof from the big house (fab shop) for the new pilot house & bridge. She is the monster mover.


#3 3.15.16 copy

Kamag is backing up under the pilot house. The pilot house will be picked up and taken outside to receive the aluminum roof and be connected.

#2 3.15.16 copy

Here is the gorgeous all aluminum roof…To be lifted outside and fitted and fastened to pilothouse.

#2 3.18.16 copy

And here is the finished job, with new roof and pilot house put back in the big house. Then work will continue until the pilot house will be put on “Americas Finest “.

#3 3.18.16 copy

Back in the shipyard work continues on the structure and hull. These welders are moving a large steel beam to be attached by the use of “come alongs” (the chain with hand operated winch apparatus’s shown) which are used for practically everything for obvious reasons. (everything is made of thick STEEL! )

#1 3.18.16 copy

And of course the up-dated image for this week of a growing young lady. Mighty fine…