This is a dry dock coming up out of the water. Those pod looking containers cover the machines that lift and lower the ships – anything from refitting ocean going ships to newly constructed ships of all shapes and sizes.  Americas Finest will be lowered to the sea by this dry dock when she is completed.


#5 4.1.16 copy

Here is a crucial part of the mast that is being fabricated of aluminum by the sole specialist assigned the exacting task.

#4 4.1.16 copy

A view of the newest deck added under construction looking south towards the stern. The next image is Americas Finest from a side view. You can see how tall she is as of this week. I am told that she will have three or four more floors (decks) constructed on top of this one. If you scroll  back to the first week you can see a color image of what she will look like upon completion.

#6 4.1.16 copy

And here she is…if you look closely on the right side rear you can see two birds checking on her progress.

#2 4.1.16 copy

The operator of this bucket crane is doing some tight maneuvering…good job!

#1 4.1.16 copy

A view from the stern looking North towards the bow.