Ice Breaker! Otherwise known as the bulbous nose which is attached to the front of the bow module has come together as work continues towards completion.

Work also continues on the opposite side, the stern.

2nd try


PilotHouse being readied for the new coat of paint after sandblasting in the big house. Notice the cool prop (ladder) added for authenticity.

#2 8.5.16 _DSC0782 f#106 copy

And now some interior shots of the on-going work in progress. First up the main hull, then the engine compartment.

#4 8.5.16f106_DSC0823 copy

#5 8.5.16 f106_DSC0828 copy

And here is a look at one of the upper decks progress, I call it the ladder showroom…count em.

#6 8.5.16f106_DSC0833 copy

Last but not least this weeks hull shot.

#1 8.5.16 _DSC0815 f#106 copy