Wheel House, (bridge, pilothouse) with a fresh coat of paint on her is set to roll out and over to the ship yard to be lifted up onto, ” Americas Finest “.  Here are some of the skilled men that have crafted this huge and complicated structure.  You can count them, a dozen of them, a job to be proud of for sure. In Iast weeks post (#56) the image of this pilothouse you saw the well placed ladder.  Here it is again apparently quite a ham.

And a view of the back side.#2 8.12.16_DSC0857


Next up, two opposing angles of the joined bulbose nose and bow units on-going construction.

#4 8.12.16_DSC0879 copy

#3 8.12.16_DSC0874 copy


This is a hull shot with a partial coat of primer on her side, and is she gorgeous.

#5 8.12.16_DSC0889 copy


This last image is of the bow components being constructed on pattern decks (tables) so to speak.

#6 8.12.16_DSC0910 copy