Looking down to the newly added bulbous nose, lower section of the bow. I noticed how she, “Americas Finest” is slowly moving closer and closer to the water, a natural migration I’m sure. The next image is from the immediate upper deck where the  previous image was taken. In both of these images you can see the beautiful curved panel which gives you a hint of how the outer panels (skin) will be shaped for the completion of the bow.


From this height in the lower image you can see sections of the bow under construction. The sections are laying on  gigantic pattern tables while they are worked on.


Next up is a new addition to the stern (rear). The Propeller will fit inside this unit which I was told assists the water flow around the prop and protects it. It is hollow. You can see the weld mark around the inside and it weighs approximately 2 tons give or take.


This weeks hull shot…