Work continues on the smoke (exhaust) stack in the Big House (fab shop). And these three guys are at it…

This is the new compressor room, not too much room…looks like we have a guest entrant.


Next, take a look up…the cargo shaft, it is used to lower cargo etc. rather than the elevator.


Next if you turn right, while we are in the main cargo hold you see the workers installing a new wall casing (skin) smooth and shinny.


Now lets go all the way up top to see the progress in the pilothouse, we have not seen close up since week #59. They are installing the wiring, electronics and cabinets etc. for the brains and the business aspects of Americas Finest.


This next hull shot is actually from last week. I placed it’s other side in last weeks post so this is the opposite side that was not shown.  I had to put it up. You can see the huge feathered friend also checking out the progress.