Americas Finest this week…If inclined see the difference from last week (#70) to see the progress on her bow. Hard to dispute her name. The next two images are different views of her today.



Back in the Big House (fabrication shop) these men are working on the base for the ships crane. Everything has to be custom made as ordered.


They are placing these large winches to pull up and let out the nets. These winches are almost in the bow, if you turn around 180 the next image shows how far the nets are pulled to and from.



Approximately 99% of material that goes on the ship is too heavy to hand carry up on board, consequently a crane is used to bring up and bring down materials, a slow process done very carefully.


The last image this week is the of the fish holding tank that was on the ground last week (week 70) and hoisted up onto the mid deck this week. Wow what a job its huge.