Weld i.e. join together (metal pieces) by heating two surfaces to the point of melting, using an electric arc and uniting them…in a simple explanation. Welding replaced rivets for ship construction somewhere between the two World Wars. If you driveĀ over most of the older steel bridges in Washington you can see the rivets all over them. Every inch of a ships’ hull and every inch of steel on a modern ship has been welded. On Americas Finest that is mind boggling.


This is a dramatic example of welding, in the Big House (fab shop) making components for AF.


And here are three (you have to look close) welders hard at work inside her bow. It seems to be a singular contemplative occupation that requires constant vigilance and great skill.


Next a look high and low from Americas Finest highest section (pilot House) to the lowest her engine room under construction.


The large covered section to the left is her engine.



The next image is a view of the ships crane ongoing construction. If you go back to week #71 you can see the progress.


And yes, we have this weeks progresive hull shot.