Wow..they are loading Americas Finest! Almost on a daily basis new equipment of some type is installed before she is buttoned up. Floating Steel…


Now lets go to the rear (stern) and check out what they are up to! This guy is drilling specialized holes into the hard cased steel for the future propeller shaft.


Now how about a look at the future mess hall (cafeteria) with a panoramic window view!



Can you guess what this is used for? The next image is what it is and does – where the anchor is pulled up from and stored.



If you go back and check out the last two images from week #72’s post you can see the rails the steel wheels are on. They¬†will be used to laterally move AF. Here in the fab shop, (Big House) they are making the other rails that will be used in that monumental task.


This weeks hull shot.


I have to find out what those cool lines are for on her stern…?