Its our 75th contiguous week. What a ride…thanks for dropping in. Comments are always welcome.


Here is this weeks hull shot. Next to Americas Finest (left) to her right is her little older sister,  “American Number 1” in for regular maintenance. Wonder what #1 thinks of her new big sibling…


Lets go down to the engine room and take a look at what the Pipe Crew has put together. Wow, these guys are amazing…will you look at their work! Who would have thought that metal pipes could be beautiful.


Now we are going up to the main cargo hold. Yes, they are installing rebar over the whole floor.  They will be pouring approx. six inches of cement. My question of how ever does steel float… goes out the window…cement!


Back at the Big House (fab shop) they are still working on huge custom hardware for moving Americas Finest. In Week #72 post the last two images depict some of the apparatus that will move her laterally. These structures are also being constructed to assist in that huge undertaking.