The Big Move! This image encapsulates this monumental event for me as Americas Finest moves laterally (West) to get into a northern launch position as she points towards Alaska, her destiny.

Before the move they are tearing down the old braces and discussing the complicated crucial strategy.

The, “Beast” is hitched up for it’s part.

Looking North and where the Beast is attached.

From the East side looking South the men are getting in position to watch the slow lateral movement for irregularities.

Then a view from the West side looking South.

Looking West from the East (starboard) side.

Then looking North from starboard side of the stern.

Then random views as she is getting moved to her final position.

Note: each iron bar that is strapped on the back of the Beast is 4300 lbs. (x  6! )

All Stop! Facing North.

Monumental task completed, and a job well done, indeed!