A milestone in Americas Finest construction, her hull is all together. She’s almost full grown and what a magnificent sight!

This last major module for her hull was just attached to her stern. You got a peak of this module last week putting the finishing touches before she was lifted to the top end of the stern. And in case you notice that her name is missing the, “A” along with the, “E” in Anacortes, WA. her birthplace, not to worry, they are scheduled to be attached.

They don’t miss a beat in her construction. Here are some angles of her new module attached to her stern and  the paint crew is already putting paint on!



Work is in progress for the ongoing installation of this module. A view from the inside looking north.


And back in the Big House (fab shop). A view of the gang, (crew plank) they are fabricating. A long plank is needed for Americas Finest. She’s a big girl.

A view of the huge arms called the Midship Gantry or Gilson Mast will be attached to each other behind the pilotHouse.

I saved something interesting for the last image.  I will be doing more of this subject because of its importance to ship operations as well as its beauty. Pipes of all shapes and sizes are constructed in tight and incredibly complex spaces. Kudos to the men on the pipe crews!