Here we are…the big launch! ¬†Americas Finest is slowly being lowered into the water by the synchro lifts on either side of her. You can see a hint of water¬†seeping up.

This next image you can see the light reflection in the encroaching water.

A view from her stern as she descends.

She is incrementally lowered into the dark water.

The tug backs up to tie a preliminary line to pull her out of dry dock for the first time.

Here she goes!

A little scary out there in the cold dark new world.

Oops, she is hard to muscle around. Tugs and their crews are built to handle these tight places.

There she goes, at a fast clip…whoosh.

Wow, she is being maneuvered by the tugs to the other side of the ship yard where she will be docked for the remainder of her build.

And there you have it. An extraordinary task performed by the skilled crew of Dakota Creek Industry with exact precision. Bravo!