Floating Steel a project thats purpose and intent is to produce a pictorial journey and adjoining information of a complete Bering Sea Fishing SternTrawlers construction from start to finish. A continuing update will be posted (weekly) on this site. The entire process all shot in artful cut glass black and white accompanied with insightful informational commentary by photographer Harry von Stark.

The ship is named, “Americas Finest” she is designed for catching and producing frozen at sea white fish products, ground fish and pelagic fish species. Operations will be the North Pacific, Gulf of Alaska, Chukchi Sea and Bering Sea inside the US EEZ. Construction was begun in June 2015 estimated completion date estimated for December 2017.

Length 261.81ft – Class DNV – Power MAN – Skipsteknis Design. She is a State of the Art factory trawler that will be powered by a MAN 8L32/44CR diesel engine, utilizing  the latest Common Rail technology. The vessel joins 6 other ST-116 design trawler (ST116 Class) operating around the world and will be the first ST-166XL, and the first to operate in the United States. Americas Finest is owned by Fishermans Finest Washington.