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Follow the construction of a Bering Sea Fishing Trawler from start to finsh



Week ~ 92 & 93 (Click on post image to view more images)

A look at the main cargo hold. Now lets turn back the clock by 14 months and take a look from the same spot. And now two more wizardly pipe images, courtesy of the pipe crew. I am totally blown… Continue Reading →

Week ~ 61 (Click on post image to view more images)

Follow the installation of the Bulbous Nose (Ice Breaker) on, “Fishermans Finest” bow!  

Week ~ 60 (Click on post image to view more images)

Ice Breaker! Bulbous Nose…actually is constructed upside down for obvious reasons. And next image is a side view with a hole in the right for the bow thruster. Facing north is the recently placed pilot house viewed from the busy… Continue Reading →

Week ~ 56 (Click on post image to view more images)

Ice Breaker! Otherwise known as the bulbous nose which is attached to the front of the bow module has come together as work continues towards completion. Work also continues on the opposite side, the stern.   PilotHouse being readied for the… Continue Reading →

Week ~ 55 (Click on post image to view more images)

Southside of bow module with bow thruster waiting for bulbous nose to be attached north end. And side view of module. Bulbous nose unit waiting to be moved to main yard to be attached to bow unit. Back at the Big… Continue Reading →

Week ~ 53 (Click on post image to view more images)

  This is unit #101 which consists of the rudder and stern assembly that is being connected to the hull. It takes three orchestrated huge cranes that move slowly and carefully to get it into place. (Note) if you go back and… Continue Reading →

Week ~ 52 Our one year mark! (Click on post image to view more images)

  This week is the 52nd post image which represents a year photographing and documenting “Americas Finest”. A 262ft. 50.5 beam state-of-the-art fishing trawler. A one-of-a-kind journey following the construction from day one to launch …   Installing a section of… Continue Reading →

Week ~ 35 (click on post image to view more images)

She, “Americas Finest” looks like she is being built for space travel. A port side view with just added wing tanks.   Stern facing north side with just added wing tanks. The way that steel can be shaped to form such… Continue Reading →

Week ~ 34 (click on post image to view more images)

Looks like a giant fish out of water!   And now for something completely different…If you look closely at these, you can see the pieces of metal are actulally two different metals fused together, aluminum and steel. They are to… Continue Reading →

Week ~ 28 (click on post image to see more images)

View of port side hull forward and north. Starboard aft  newly added section Aft new section south. If you look closely you can see Manitowoc operator in stand by mode. Inside view of newly constructed pilot house (bridge) starboard right… Continue Reading →

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