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Follow the construction of a Bering Sea Fishing Trawler from start to finsh


ship construction

Week ~ 76 (Click on post image to view more images)

Installation of the MAN propeller (MAN is the same manufacture of Americas Finest engine) in progress. If you look closely between the tents you can see Mt. Baker in its glory all covered in snow. Some more shots of the propeller… Continue Reading →

Week ~ 75 (Click on post image to view more images)

Its our 75th contiguous week. What a ride…thanks for dropping in. Comments are always welcome.   Here is this weeks hull shot. Next to Americas Finest (left) to her right is her little older sister,  “American Number 1” in for regular… Continue Reading →

Week ~ 74 (Click on post image to view more images)

Wow..they are loading Americas Finest! Almost on a daily basis new equipment of some type is installed before she is buttoned up. Floating Steel…   Now lets go to the rear (stern) and check out what they are up to!… Continue Reading →

Week ~ 73 (Click on post image to view more images)

Weld i.e. join together (metal pieces) by heating two surfaces to the point of melting, using an electric arc and uniting them…in a simple explanation. Welding replaced rivets for ship construction somewhere between the two World Wars. If you drive over… Continue Reading →

Week ~ 72 (Click on post image to view more images)

This weeks progress on Americas Finest bow. It’s filling in at a steady pace…it is quite a dramatic site. This guy is right at the pinnacle, lets go inside. Then take a look out her bow. Lets back up further into… Continue Reading →

Week ~ 71 (Click on post image to view more images)

Americas Finest this week…If inclined see the difference from last week (#70) to see the progress on her bow. Hard to dispute her name. The next two images are different views of her today. Back in the Big House (fabrication… Continue Reading →

Week ~ 70 (Click on post image to view more images)

Now here’s a busy site. Because of the scale you have to look close to find the guy in the circle. By the way, inside that large circle is where the propeller will be installed. You get a first look… Continue Reading →

Week ~ 68 (Click on post image to view more images)

Work continues on the smoke (exhaust) stack in the Big House (fab shop). And these three guys are at it… This is the new compressor room, not too much room…looks like we have a guest entrant. Next, take a look… Continue Reading →

Week ~ 66 (Click on post image to view more images)

These men are waiting for the first of over 100 plus tons of new machinery for “Americas Finest”, wow! And she will still float! The engine, gear box and generator. For you purists the last image is a copy of… Continue Reading →

Week ~ 65 (Click on post image to view more images)

Lately when I walk throughout the ship, one thing keeps coming to mind. This is either a pipe fitters dream or nightmare. The image is the view where the engine will be placed underneath the temporary boards you see. This next image… Continue Reading →

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