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Follow the construction of a Bering Sea Fishing Trawler from start to finsh



Week ~ 64 (Click on post image to view more images)

Looking NW at the new additions to the stern (back end) of, “Americas Finest”. Next image is the welders view of the inner section of the bow that is under construction and will be sealed. You can see all the… Continue Reading →

Week ~ 41 (Click on post image to view more images)

Where pride and quality are still spoken…

Week ~ 39 (Click on post image to view more images)

Americas Finest latest portrait, she’s looking tall and proud!   Looks can be deceiving, if he makes a wrong move….thats a large piece of steel. Yes…and a perfect fit. All of the steel sections are pre made and cut to… Continue Reading →

Week ~ 38 (click on post image to view more images)

This is a dry dock coming up out of the water. Those pod looking containers cover the machines that lift and lower the ships – anything from refitting ocean going ships to newly constructed ships of all shapes and sizes.  Americas… Continue Reading →

Week ~ 37 (click on post image to see more images)

The missing rib… Facing stern end South, adding on hull surrounding engine compartment. Aforementioned engine compartment… Hull with bow (prow) facing North… Week’s construction progress on hull facing north, bow starboard side.  

Week ~ 34 (click on post image to view more images)

Looks like a giant fish out of water!   And now for something completely different…If you look closely at these, you can see the pieces of metal are actulally two different metals fused together, aluminum and steel. They are to… Continue Reading →

Week ~ 33 (click on post image to view more images)

I am so impressed at how, “America’s Finest” is taking shape. I know that she still a long way from completion but she sure is coming into her own. Here she is from her port side from the stern facing… Continue Reading →

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