Floating Steel

Follow the construction of a Bering Sea Fishing Trawler from start to finsh


Washington State

First print exhibition of the floatingSteel Project – and the new “floatingSteel” book. (click on book cover for more info)

      First public showing will be at Northwind Arts Center 701 Water Street Port Townsend, WA.  

Week ~ 55 (Click on post image to view more images)

Southside of bow module with bow thruster waiting for bulbous nose to be attached north end. And side view of module. Bulbous nose unit waiting to be moved to main yard to be attached to bow unit. Back at the Big… Continue Reading →

Week ~ 50 (Click on post image to view more images)

An inside cut view…next view of work farther into her belly. This 50th week has been a busy week for, “Americas Finest”. A fish processor was installed, windows were cut into the pilothouse. And work continues on the bow and… Continue Reading →

Week ~ 45 (Click on post image to view more images)

A view from the top…all aluminum roof of the control room (pilot house).     The next two images are of the bow thruster assembly being made in the Big House (fab shop). Of course construction is upside down for… Continue Reading →

Week ~ 36 (click on post image to see more images)

Kamag is rolling out the new all-aluminum roof from the big house (fab shop) for the new pilot house & bridge. She is the monster mover.   Kamag is backing up under the pilot house. The pilot house will be… Continue Reading →

Week ~ 35 (click on post image to view more images)

She, “Americas Finest” looks like she is being built for space travel. A port side view with just added wing tanks.   Stern facing north side with just added wing tanks. The way that steel can be shaped to form such… Continue Reading →

Week ~ 33 (click on post image to view more images)

I am so impressed at how, “America’s Finest” is taking shape. I know that she still a long way from completion but she sure is coming into her own. Here she is from her port side from the stern facing… Continue Reading →

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